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Potatoes with Huancaína
Cream of yellow chili with potatoes, egg and Peruvian olive.
Papa Rellena
Potato bomb stuffed with veal and served with creole sauce.
Fried Yucca
Gold fried yucca sticks with creamy Peruvian sauce.
Causa Limeña with Chicken
Potato pastry with chicken, chili, onion, egg and avocado.
Chicken Anticuchos
Grilled chicken skewer marinated with ají panca (Peruvian chili), with potatoes and huancaína sauce.
Peruvian Anticuchos · Authentic! · Ask for availability
Grilled beef heart (the authentic anticuchos like in Peru) skewer marinated with ají panca (Peruvian chili), with potatoes and huancaína sauce.
Fish Chicharrón
Fried fish, tartar sauce and creole sauce.
Patatas Bravas "Peruvian Style"
Potato wedges with huacatay (aromatic herb) sauce with a spicy touch.


Ceviche "Sabe a Perú" · Classic
The typical and famous Peruvian plate!
Fish cubes marinated in lime juice and "leche de tigre" served with sweet potato, white corn and toasted corn. Enjoy the taste of Peru!

Ceviche "Carretillero"
Fish marinated in "leche de tigre" and yellow Peruvian chili cream accompanied by fried fish.
Ceviche "Nikkei"
Fresh tuna marinated in oriental sauces and avocado. A Japanese influenced dish with a Peruvian soul.


Ask for the spiciness to your taste.
Not spicy
A little bit spicy
Very spicy


Chaufa Rice with Chicken
Wok stir-fried rice with chicken, chives, soy sauce, and egg omelet.
Tallarín Saltado
Wok stir-fried strips of sirloin with red onion, tomato and peppers.


Ají de Gallina
Creamy chicken and hen stew with ají amarillo, served with white rice, egg, Peruvian olives and parmesan cheese.
Seco Norteño
Traditional beef stew with coriander sauce, beans, white rice and sarsa criolla (creole sauce).
Lomo Saltado
Beef tenderloin strips, onion, tomato, wok stir-fried with white rice and chips.
Pasta in Huancaína Sauce with Lomo Saltado
Pasta with huancaína cream served with lomo saltado.
Milanesa with Green Pasta
Peruvian pesto and pasta served with crispy breaded chicken milanesa.


Inca Kola
Mineral water
Sparkling water
Coca Cola
Coca Cola Zero
Fanta (Lemon, Orange)
Aquarius (Lemon)
Nestea (Lemon, Passion Fruit)
Spanish summer wine (Tinto de Verano)
Bitter Kas


Cusqueña Rubia (Blond) (Peru)
Cusqueña Negra (Dark) (Peru)
Cusqueña Trigo (Wheat) (Peru)
Estrella Galicia (Pint)
Estrella Galicia (Jar)
Alhambra Reserva 1925
Estrella Galicia Bottle
Estrella Galicia (0,0)
Estrella Galicia Tostada (0,0)


Sparkling Wines

Small bottle · Brut
Cava · Brut Reserva

White Wines

Glass White Wine
D.O. Rueda · 100% Verdejo
Vittoria Terroir
D.O. Valle de Ica (Peru) · Chardonnay
Ramón Bilbao
D.O. Rueda · 100% Verdejo
D.O. Sierras de Málaga · Chardonnay

Rosé Wines

Glass Rosé Wine

Red Wines

Glass Red Wine
D.O. Rioja · Crianza
Glass Red Wine
D.O. Ribera del Duero
Vittoria Estate Malbec
D.O. Valle de Ica (Peru) · Malbec · 2021
Vittoria Estate Blend
D.O. Valle de Ica (Peru) · Cabernet - Merlot · 2021
D.O. Ribera del Duero · Roble
La Planta
D.O. Ribera del Duero · 2022
D.O. Somontano · Cabernet Sauvignon - Merlot · 2020
Flores de Callejo
D.O. Ribera del Duero

Coffee and teas

Tea & infusions


Pisco Sour
Pisco, lime juice, sugar syrup.
Pisco Passion
Pisco, lime juice, passion fruit, sugar syrup.
Pisco, lime juice, Ginger Ale.

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NATURAL juices

Fresh passion fruit juice.
Fresh mango juice.
Chicha Morada · Ask for availability
Natural soft drink made from purple corn infused with pineapple and lime. Superfood!


Our desserts are homemade and fresh, so quantities are limited. Please ask for availability.

Housemade Housemade "Tres Leches" Cake
Classic Latin American dessert made with sponge cake, dipped in a mixture of three kinds of milk, with a layer of whipped cream and sprinkled with cinnamon.
Dama Inca · "Cecilia's dessert"
Artisanal lucuma ice cream with chocolate. Without preservatives.

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